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Welcome to our FAQ page. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please use our chat function on the bottom right of the scree. If nobody is available to answer your query please message info@miniwaxmelts.co.uk and somebody will answer your question withing 48 business hours.
How to correctly use a wax burner.

Like any fragrance, making sure you set up your melt burner properly every time you use it will ensure that you get the most out of your fragrance, and also that you are using it safely. Whether you are using an electric or classic wax burner ensure that the top dish is clean, and that your burner is dust free. This helps to prevent that unpleasant burning smell when your wax starts to heat up and allows a great pool to form. Once clean, place your wax burner on a level surface and out of reach of pets and children.

Choose The Correct Tealight

If you are using a classic wax burner, choosing the perfect tealight to place underneath your wax tart is essential. 4 hour tea lights are highly recommended as they help to provide a steady burn with a low, controlled flame. This helps your wax melt evenly and most importantly of all, safely.

How to change a wax melt with no mess

If your warmer has been on and your wax is liquid, take two cotton balls, set them in the warmer, let it absorb, and discard cotton balls into the trash can. This is perfect for the warmers without removable lids, plugins, and if you have too much going on in your mind to remember to change the wax. Then take a paper towel and wipe the little bit that is left.

If your wax warmer is not on and the wax has hardened, we think it is easier to remove it by turning the warmer back on so the wax at least loosens in the warmer and is easier to remove as a solid piece! Use a scraper to help with this so you don’t burn your fingers, and be sure to wipe it down with a paper towel.

Safety while burning wax melts

For those new to wax melts, I have listed below a few tips on burning them, along with some safety issues that need to be addressed and watched.

  • Place your oil burner in a safe, stable situation, away from drafts and anything flammable and also well out of the reach of children
  • Unwrap and place the Wax Tart in the top of a dry oil burner – do not add water
  • Light a tea light candle in the base of the oil burner and allow the wax melt to melt – when melted the wonderful aroma of the tart will be released into the room
  • Don’t forget to extinguish the tea light candle when leaving the room – never leave it unattended or within reach of children
  • When the wax tart has cooled it will solidify again, you can either re-use the tart or gently tap the sides of the burner and most times the wax tart will pop out.  If not place the oil burner in the freezer for a short time and try again
  • You can discard the used wax tart or seal it in a plastic bag to re-use another time
  • Wax melt can also be used in an electric oil burner, please ensure that you electric burner has been safety tested

Remember, burning wax melts involves a candle flame and hot melted wax; these two things can be very dangerous, so take extreme care and enjoy the wonderful fragrances that are available in wax melt.

Are wax melts safe around pets & children?

Mini Wax melts are paraffin-free.  Unlike paraffin-based candles and melts, our all natural soy wax is 100% vegetable-based, made from renewable resources and American farm-grown soybeans.  Our melts contain NO pesticides, herbicides, toxic or Genetically Modified Materials, and are not tested on animals.  To sum it up they are very safe to use around children, and they are environmentally friendly!

Is there a difference between T light burners & electric ?

With oil warmers, you place about 20 drops of oil into an oilwarmer and put an unscented tealight in the bottom. After lighting the tealight, you will immediately fill up a room with your scented oil. Scented oils are not meant to be burned just warmed so they have to have a special warmer that has plenty of air flow and the tealight is a little bit farther from the bowl that the oil would sit in. Tart Burners on the other hand are just that, burners. You have to have a high enough heating source to actualy melt the wax. That said, you can expect to smell your tart when the wax starts to melt. The tart burners have a smaller opening than the oil warmers do and they have a minimal air flow. And you have your choice of using a plug in tart burner or one that requires an unscented tealight. Also I have had many question asked at work do you have to use unscented tealights or can you use scented tealights when using an oil warmer or a tart burner? The answer is ALWAYS unscented. The scented tealights gets too hot for the bottom of your burner and it could over time or with in a couple of uses, damage your burner.

How do you ship your products?

Are orders a shipped with DPD who offer next working day deliver tracked. We aim to dispatch your items in a time frame of 24-48 hours

What are your Terms and Conditions?

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